Adding Join Accounts (Barclays)

Hi Team!

I’ve tried adding a Barclays account which is a joint account with my wife.
The Barclays interaction stated that the ‘other account holder’ would have to agree (in some unspecified way) and then all would be well.

I interacted with the Barclays app in a way that I hope meant that I wanted to go ahead with that process.

When control was handed back to snoop, it showed the ‘there was an error connecting your account’ message - try again / skip.

This may not be an issue as such - but if possible, it feels like snoop could show a different message - ie “Looks like you’ll have to continue with that one later…”

I’ll nudge the boss to see what she gets from Barclays, and I’ll try again.

Keep up the great work :smiley:

Boss got the ‘allow sharing of joint account’ prompt from Barclays and OK’d it.
I happened to still have the try again / skip message open - so hit try again
The account was added and the snoop magic began :smiley:

I suppose if we’d have done the whole thing collaboratively - it would have been even smoother!

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Hi @chris - thanks for this feedback. We’ve been in discussions with Barclays about this because they are the only bank (that I know of) that has this additional step for Joint accounts and it seems unnecessary to us.

We’ve had other customers get stuck here (because of things like the 2nd party not getting a text message etc). The process is complicated and the messages presented in the Barclays app could be clearer!

We will try and get this improved in the weeks ahead. Feedback like this certainly helps our case :grinning:

Many thanks

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