Profile photo crash

I just tried adding a photo to my profile (as suggested) I click on the radio button then upload and the app crashes.


Sorry to hear you’re having trouble. Please could you give us a little more information about where you’re encountering this issue in the app?

Thank you!

I think you have a general issue with accessing images, I couldn’t add a screen shot here either.
I went to profile add image clicked the radio button to upload but when you press the icon to select the image the app crashes - same as when i press the image icon in the rich text editor here.

Ps why when adding a reply does the reply also start appearing on the right hand side of the screen?? (I’m on an iPhone XR)

Hi Mark,

Ah I see - thats frustrating, I’m not sure why you’re unable to add a screenshot - there may be an issue with the forum on mobile devices.

The reply starts appearing on the right hand side to act as a preview for how it will look - this can be hidden on most devices (there should be a ‘hide preview’ button underneath it).

As Cara outlined in another post, we’ve tried to use the standard tool for fintech forums (like Monzo and Emma) so that it is familiar for most users - but unfortunately that means we can’t change the appearance or dig into tech issues too much at this stage.

Nonetheless, thank you for your feedback - we really do appreciate it and we’ll take it on board. We’re always looking for ways to improve how we communicate with our users, so please continue to raise any of your thoughts with us!