Option to add monthly clearing of credit card balance

I would really like the option to automatically add the full balance of my connected credit cards as a bill for the following month.

At the moment credit card payments are recorded as a bill but are based on the payment from the previous month. But the balance on the credit card changes each month and is visible to Snoop as I have those accounts connected.

I appreciate not everybody clears their credit card every month, but it would be nice to be able to select this option for credit cards that Snoop is connected to (or define a set amount each month).

Hope this makes sense.

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Hi Sami - the issue is that we don’t get any sort of data from your bank that confirms when your statement has been created and therefore what the balance was at that specific statement point.

We can’t even do it based on a fixed day of the month - because some card providers fluctuate that or they take a statement ‘cut’ at a specific time in the day when pending transactions may or may not have been included.

So that’s why we calculate based on averages / previous month (depending on bill settings) today.


I just look at my next credit charge full payment, and then amend my next bill payment to match it. Agree that having it automatically done would be great, but accept there are difficulties getting the data.