Multi select transactions for recategorisation

I’m really hoping this is a thing already and I don’t know how to do it - but why do we have to categorise each transaction 1 by 1 or move them all? There should be an in between:

Use case 1: I go on holiday with my partner / friends, loads of transactions. I want to move them all to the travel category.

Use case 2: I have round-ups on my bank, I want to exclude all of these from my transactions.

Hi @Pppesky

For use case 1 - when you pick the option to ‘create a new custom category’ you can pick the option to move individual transactions and from there you can bulk change any number at once by selecting from a list.

We can also support use Case 2, however there is sometimes an extra step required first.

For transactions which are not to ‘merchants’ - normally bank transfers etc, then an extra button appears when you tap on one of these transactions. This is called ‘Link Transactions’ and it will scan any transactions that have a similar name and put them into one merchant just for you. Once that’s done, you can change the category on any single example and pick the option that says ‘all transactions for this merchant’. It will update all historic and any future transactions that have the same description.

You can setup custom categories that can be excluded from your spend analysis. This feature is already in our Android app and will be launching in our iOS later this week.

I hope that helps?

Thanks for the quick response Paul. Regarding use case 1:

That is the exact functionality I’m after - except I don’t want to create a new category every time I want to bulk move transactions. Can I not just do this for an existing category? This would make Snoop infinitely better.

Regarding use case 2:

That mostly works, however there’s manual work then required if there’s anything that doesn’t belong in this category. Example:

  • Bank does round-ups, and pays me interest. They belong in 2 different categories - no easy way to do this in bulk.

  • Partner sends me money throughout the year - travel, groceries, etc. I can link transactions but can’t split these, again manual work to break these out.

This is a key feature for me, like 95% there in terms of being perfect for financial tracking / budgeting etc. But without being able to bulk move transactions into existing categories, it’s not usable for me as it’s not 100% accurate without being incredibly time consuming

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Thanks for the feedback @Pppesky

I totally understand and I’ve shared the feedback with our team. Right now we only have the recategorisation routes that I’ve explained but understand your feedback and what you’d like to see in future.


It would be great to have this route from the custom report screen, particularly to fix historic transactions. Currently you can only add notes from the custom report flow.