Bills balance different to account balance

Balance of main account is different to balance showing in bills tracking. It says it includes pending transactions but hasn’t included the £300 I paid in today, despite recognising that balance in the main account section.

Even after refreshing the main account shows
~£1900 while the bills tracker has an opening balance of ~£1600.

Its like the main account has the updated balance but the bills tracker does not.

What gives? Just slow to update the bills tracker? I don’t have any pending transactions except the money I paid in today (£300) to take the balance from 1600 to 1900. But then that balance is displayed already, just not in the bills tracker.

Hi @freddyq sorry if this is confusing. When we talk about ‘including pending transactions’ in the timeline screen, what this means is we apply anything pending back to the balance for certain banks. So that’s credits and debits.

This can get confusing because it means effectively deducting a ‘credit’ off your balance if your bank is still reporting this as pending.

The exact settings here differs per bank. It depends which balance your bank reports to you in their own app and their treatment for Pending transactions. We have particular trouble with banks like NatWest for example, as they seem seem to take a very long time to ‘clear’ a credit into an account. Especially at the weekends. As soon as they report something as cleared, we will apply this throughout the app.

The reason we have to do it this way:

  • We can’t trust pending transactions for our bill tracking as these transactions often change or don’t actually go ahead before they become cleared. Banks don’t have any relationship between a pending and cleared transaction
  • However, certain banks deduct the transaction from their main balance as soon as they start the payment process, even if they are still reporting it to us as pending
  • Hence we would ‘double count’ this in our balance projections if we didn’t apply the pending transactions to your starting balance
  • It gets very confusing if we start having different treatment for debits / credits so instead we just apply everything pending back onto the balance to get back to a ‘cleared’ balance

Quite difficult to explain as you can see. So sorry if this is confusing with our wording in app.

As soon as your bank clears the transaction, everything will look as you’d expect.