Bi-Weekly Bills

Hi - I have bills that have a Bi-weekly schedule. Any ideas how I can set these please?

Hi @Andrew.

We are unable to set up payments for ‘bi-weekly’ at the moment but this is something we have raised with our development team to hopefully implement in the future.

What we can do with these kinds of payments is set them to ‘irregular’ this means Snoop will pick up all of your payments, it will use an average for the amount (however you can change this in app) and for the next date you may have to change when this will be due as with ‘irregular’ payments Snoop is not always able to predict when you are paying next.

If you need a hand with this please do drop us a message at

All the best,


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I have a bill on a four weekly cycle, but no option to add with this schedule

Hi @Puresix!

I’ve raised your request with the team to see a four-weekly frequency setting be added to bills.

Please let us know if there is anything else you’d like to see implemented - we really appreciate and welcome the suggestions!

All the best,