Average Spend by Company

My home internet package is with Sky (You have this information already)

Let’s say my monthly bill is £10 / annual £120.
I would want the app to tell me… it looks like your below or above the average (based on user data) for that household bill.

a) compare to other SKY users… im i paying more or less…
b) compare to other companies such as BT…

Hopefully that makes sense…

Hi @vekariya17 yes we absolutely want to be giving you this sort of insight an we have plans around this.

There are a few other challenges we need to solve first - with Sky you could be paying for TV content, mobile phones, and/or home broadband. There are also lots of other complications about packages - for example do you pay for things like Spotify, Disney+, Netflix or BT Sport through your ‘Sky’ bill (which are all possible).

So for certain regular payments, we need to understand a little more about them to get really tailored recommendations.

We have some thoughts on this though, so watch this space!


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