Space for Holidays/anomalous Spending

When booking holidays I would like for that holiday to be separate from the regular month spending.
Maybe add spaces for holidays spending to sit so I can track how much a holiday has cost, but not have it related to my regular monthly spending. Sometimes the payment is for a holiday 3 months from now so that can also confuse things.

Current workaround is creating a custom category for each time I go on holiday, or excluding it from spending. Maybe this is something that could be added instead?

Hi @Sisky - thanks for the suggestion.

You are right that the best way to manage that in Snoop right now is to have a separate category. You can setup a new custom category that has the option to ‘exclude from analysis’ and all transactions you add to this will be not counted as regular spend.

To see what you’ve spent in that holiday category - you can then look at ‘Your Spending’ and tap on the ‘custom’ tab on the date menu. That will show you an all time view per category so you can then drill into the holiday category.