Danish Krone on my revolut isn't converting correctly

The transactions of my danish krone on my revolut account is appearing as pounds on snoop but the number stays the same.
For instance if I spent 25 krone it appears as £25 in snoop instead of £2.88

Is this a bug or can I solve it on my side?

Hi @needanswers - I’m afraid we don’t display currencies other than GBP within the app. I completely understand the benefit of being able to see a transaction in it’s relative currency, we just haven’t got around to implementing this yet.

You can find out more on why we’ve taken the decision not to venture into this just yet; Wise (formerly TransferWise) - #6 by paul_k

However, I will go ahead and share your message with the team - this will help Snoop to understand the level of demand from our users for this.

All the best,

Just wanted to say I’d also like to be able to see foreign currencies converted - but it would also be useful to be able to put in the actual exchange rate I got when I spent the money rather than a universal rate for the currency set by the app (does that make sense?)

Hi @SueM understood - but at the moment we don’t have any plans to introduce foreign currency conversion.

It’s certainly something we might get to in future, but it’s not in our immediate plans.