Council Tax

Hi, new to the app following the offer on HUKD. To be honest I only initially downloaded the app to get the voucher but now I’m hooked!

One query I do have is regarding Council Tax. We pay ours monthly but over 10 months instead of 12. Under the regular payment it is saying the Feb payment is overdue. Is there any way to change this so that the next payment will be due in April please?

Keep up the good work and happy to find out you’re also in Norwich :wink:

Hi @tenelitebrains - welcome to Snoop :wink:

We’ve coded Snoop to allow for the 10 month pattern on certain council tax bills. So when you payment starts again in April it should match to those earlier transactions.

However it’s a little tricky for us to build that into the prediction logic at the moment. It would help if all councils did it the same way of course :wink:

Anyway - we can adjust that one manually for you. Just drop us a line at and we will take care of that for you.