Can I rename an account?

I’ve several accounts with different providers, can I rename them on Snoop?

i.e. Food, Holiday Savings, Car Loan

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Hi @smithgt


To rename your accounts, tap the account logo of the account you want to rename on the home screen, and then tap on the 3 dots in the top right corner. You can edit the name of your account by selecting the pencil icon next to your existing account name. Simply make your changes, save and you’re all done!

Alternatively, you can also do the same through the ‘Settings’ screen. Just tap the cog icon on your home screen, then ‘Manage Accounts’ and tap the 3 dots beside the account name you want to change. Click the pencil, rename and save.

This video also shows the process:

Hope this helps! :blush:


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Thanks - I’d missed the little Pencil Icon by the account name :slight_smile: