American express second card holder

When will second card holders data appear in snoop.
I have been told its an AE issue but its a big issue for me.
It totally devalue snoop for me as I have to check transactions in both snoop and AE.

Hi @4watts the data should already appear, but we do have an issue with the way in which these transactions are presented.

I can see we’ve sent you emails about this before so apologies if we’ve not explained this very well.

When you connect or reconnect a single Amex account, we sometimes get more than one account appear in Snoop. For you I can see that’s exactly what has happened… you have one account with a card number ending in 8 and another ending in 6. You’ve deleted the ‘account’ that ends in a 6.

Amex provide the secondary card holder transactions against a specific card number and that currently equates to an account on Snoop… so for you we would be getting the transactions for the additional cardholder within that account ending in 6.

Confusingly, they only show the balance against the primary card holder - so the 2nd account record always shows as £0 balance even though there are transactions showing.

As I mention - this is not at all how we want to show it and not how any other card provider works. Amex are in the process of launching a new ‘Open Banking UK Compliant’ API that we will be adopting as quickly as possible and we hope that it will then be consistent with other banks and result in one account record in Snoop.

If you need help getting that deleted record back into Snoop, just drop us a line from the app so we can explain further. Just mention in the email this post.


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