Add notes on pending transactions

I’d like to be able to add notes on pending transactions so that I can immediately note down what it was for, otherwise I have to wait sometimes a few days and remember check back laters once it’s settled to add this note which is a bit annoying.

I assume you can’t do this I’m case the transaction is later reversed and removed however I don’t think this is really an issue as the note would just be deleted, perhaps a warning could be displayed to explain that the note will be deleted if the transaction never settles to mitigate any issues there?

This feels like it should be simple to add since the note functionality already exists?

Hi @Willjesuis - I’m afraid it’s not simple otherwise we’d be doing this.

Due to how pending transactions work - and the fact there is no link between a pending transaction and a later booked one (i.e. there is no consistent ID, name etc), we have to delete all pending transactions on every refresh and just recreate them each time.

So, that’s the only reason we don’t you change category or add notes. These would get deleted each time and we’ve have no easy way of making them apply to the transaction when it becomes ‘confirmed’.

Pending transactions can change amount, description and date. Also some don’t proceed at all and just drop off.


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I see, makes sense, the only way to do this would be some sort of fuzzy matching which would then be much more effort

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