Hey guys,

Is there anyway to customise the dashboard so the main screen when you open is the tracking total networth graph?

This is pretty much the biggest feature for me but it seems like a very convoluted way of getting to the graph at the moment (i.e, you have to go through the explore snoop plus fearures etc)

Hi @Andy3155

There’s not a the moment I’m afraid. But its something we’ve always thought we’d like to get to at some point in future - being honest though, it won’t be an imminent thing.

Just to check you spotted this though, you can get to the Net Worth graph by tapping on the Net Worth icon (alongside your accounts in the rail at the top of the home screen). You can change the order of your connected accounts too so if ‘Net Worth’ is most important to you, but its not in the best position in the rail, you can tap the pencil icon above your accounts and drag it to be first place.

Hope that helps,