RBS & NatWest Credit Balances 21st May

Hi everyone - RBS made some changes this morning to how they provide account balance information.

This change has had some negative impacts on how we are displaying balances for certain RBS products. We are still investigating the full circumstances, but it’s possible the balance you see is not accurate for any RBS credit product you have.

We are investigating this as a priority and will update further tomorrow


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Hi everyone - we now understand the issue to be impacting the following products:

  • Ulster Bank Credit Cards
  • RBS Credit Cards or Current Account Offset Products
  • NatWest Credit Cards or Current Account Offset Products

This problem started following some changes RBS Group have made in the last 48 hours to how they provide balance information as part of their Open Banking interfaces (see here)

We are in discussions with RBS about how best to get this resolved as quickly as possible, but I’m afraid this will take a few days to resolve.

Until then, balances for these products may be inaccurate and based on your ‘available’ credit rather than your actual credit balance.

No action is needed on your part. As soon as we get this resolved with RBS, balances will automatically update to the correct values.

We are really sorry about this inconvenience and will be doing our best to get this resolved as quickly as possible. I will update again early next week.


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Hi everyone - following discussions with RBS group we understand exactly why this issue is occurring as a result of their changes on Thursday and Friday. We’ve agreed a fix that is being worked on as a priority change.

Apologies this will take a few more days to get fully resolved, but your balance will automatically revert back to the correct number as soon as it’s in place.

I will post a further update later this week.

Thanks for your patience.

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Thank you for the updates!

Hi everyone - today we implemented the first phase of a fix for this issue. The fix resolves the credit balances on certain products - for example offset mortgage products.

However, I’m afraid there is more work to do on resolving Credit Card balances. They way RBS are providing credit card balances is now different to every other bank, so some bespoke work is required to get these back to normal.

That work is ongoing and I will update as soon as we have a final delivery date.


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Hi everyone - our final fix for this problem which will address Credit Card products for RBS brands is now in final testing.

We hope to release this to customers in the next few days.

Thank you for your continued patience.


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Thanks so much for the continued updates, looking forward to receiving the fix!

Hi everyone - following our account refreshes around lunchtime today, all credit balances should now be showing correctly.

If for any reason you think your balance is not accurate, please can you drop us a line at hello@snoop.app.

Thanks for your patience in the last couple of weeks whilst we fixed this issue.


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All looks good to me, thanks so much for the updates!