Payments due every 2 months wrongly detected as monthly


My electricity bill is paid every 2 months, on the 24th. Today Snoop told me I didn’t have enough in my current account to cover the bill, but there is no payment due for May. Snoop appears to detect it as a monthly bill. Is there any way to change this? Thanks.

Hi there @crlhrrs - thanks for letting us know.

We’re not yet able to determine whether we expect you to have enough in your accounts to cover your expected regular payments (this feature is coming soon, but not here yet). Where did you see the reference to not having enough cash? It may be we suggest you check, but not that you have sufficient - but I’d like to be sure.

We’ll take a look at your electricity bill as well. Is that being shown on the Regular Payments screen of the app and in a Snoop letting you know what payments are due this week?

thanks, Cara


Sorry, it maybe said I should check. I can’t remember.

The bill shows in the regular payments section as a ‘monthly’ payment. I can’t find a Snoop to show me payments due this week.



Hey Carl,

We’ve had a look at this. Right now our model can identify monthly, quarterly and annual recurring payments. If a set of payments (such as yours) doesn’t conform to one of those groups but it still scores highly on other attributes such as regularity of payment amount and payment date, there is a chance it could be picked up as monthly. That’s what’s happened in this case. Sorry about that.

It’s really easy to remove it from your list of regular payments though. If you go into the Regular Payments screen and tap into your SSE transaction, you can tap the ‘This is not a regular payment’ button at the bottom of the screen and it will be removed.

Hope that helps!

Thanks. I think I’ll leave it be, even if it’s not correctly detected - still a good reminder that I have a big bill at the end of some months!

Is it unusual to have a utility bill every 2 months, rather than monthly?

To be honest @crlhrrs I’ve never paid energy bills (or any bills actually) bi-monthly. But I’m a straw poll of one! I would imagine it’s pretty unusual though. I’d be surprised if SSE weren’t OK with moving to monthly. I had a look for you and they do offer monthly payment options as well as bi-monthly so you could give them a call to see if you’d rather not have the big bill every 2 months?

Thanks. Yes, they had a monthly budget plan which averages out payments over the year. I’ve gone for that just for the sake of knowing a smaller payment will come out every month.

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