Contract End Dates

This one is a bit of a long shot but potentially something to explore…

I like the feature which shares regular payments and the trend up or down. This is reactive though and so what would be good is something that indicates a future increase as a deal ends. For example, my Sky subscription is for a fixed term and I know when it will end so it would be great for a way to add an “end date” to that regular payment which then initiates a snoop a month or so before as a reminder. This can then link to switching suggestions. Same would apply for phone contracts, energy bills, line rental, insurance etc.

Would be less dynamic but at some point it would be great if these companies have APIs to provide the contract data to then enhance apps like these! But that’s way down the line! (open Finance could be one sooner for insurance companies though…)

Morning @Hitesh,

We’ve got loads of ideas on how we can help customers better manage their subscriptions and regular payments and this is definitely one of them! We’re currently doing some design work on this and it will be in the app in the next few months (all going well :slight_smile:)

Thanks as always for another amazing post,